Explore the making of timeless appeal through our skilled craftsmen of great skills and passion.

Panel doors are traditional and antique which captures the essence of craftsmanship touted as the iconic and timeless door, the Solid 8 Panel has never gone out of style since the early operating days of our company. From the process of cutting logs to final procedures of door packaging, we employ skilled craftsmen to deliver each masterpiece.

As technology seeps into our everyday lives and into major industries, the value of traditional craftsmanship is gradually under appreciated. While manufacturing companies are heavily based on mass-production, we would like to highlight the significance of bespoke and manual labour. Every door casted by hand is a symbolism of our passion for artisans goods and craftsmanship. Behind every work of ours is a man’s dedication to ensure what had crafted can build to last. Crafting The Classic reminds us to always stay true to our skills and responsibilities, for years to come.